Hidden Traffic with Gwen Hassan: The Connection Between Forced Labour and Scam Mills

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October 26, 2023
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HRC's MD Abdus Salam, Survivor Empowerment Officer, and Valentina Casulli, Head of Operations, recently joined Gwen Lee Hassan for an episode on her “Hidden Traffic” podcast.

This series seeks to expose the human trafficking that is prevalent in modern supply chains, as she explores the ways compliance professionals can enhance their ability to identify and mitigate trafficking risks.

In this episode, we discuss:

The continued rise of online scamming compounds in Southeast Asia, and the highly organised nature of the criminal gangs running these operations.

Salam shares his experience as a trafficking victim. He emphasises the necessity of integrating survivors in the counter-trafficking sector, a core belief of HRC.

How companies must also take responsibility for ensuring their supply chains are free from modern slavery.

The work that HRC does to assist companies in eliminating slavery from their supply chains. Valentina highlighted the mapping of the supply chain in the tuna industry that HRC has worked on, along with the mitigation and prevention plan that HRC created for a large cosmetic corporation.

To gain a deeper understanding of the scamming compounds and how HRC can assist companies in combating modern slavery overall, we strongly recommend that you listen to this episode.