HRCs Founder and Director featured in the IDS Annual Review 2023

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February 29, 2024
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In the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) 2023 Annual Review, HRC's founder and director Mina Chiang is highlighted as a notable example of future leadership in development.

Mina Chiang graduated from IDS, based in Brighton and one of the world-leading research organisations for development, with an MA in Development Studies in 2018.

In their Annual Review, IDS celebrate Mina's founding of HRC and our work in combatting modern slavery and human trafficking around the world. Mina also reflects on her experience during while at IDS, and the pivotal role it played in the founding of HRC:

"IDS doesn’t just teach but also is a thinktank and works directly on projects that shape our world...  without the experience at IDS, I would not have been able to establish HRC".