Law enforcement needs better digital game to stop cyber scammers: Mekong region report

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September 20, 2023
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HRC’s Head of Operations, Valentina Casulli, was recently featured in an article by Nirmal Ghosh, US Bureau Chief of The Straits Times. The Straits Times is the most widely-circulated paper in Singapore and has a significant regional audience.

In this article, Ghosh delved into the report that emerged from the 'Mekong-US Partnership Track 1.5 Policy Dialogue on Trafficking and Cyber-Enabled Crime'. The report found that increased efforts are needed from governments and international bodies in response to this emerging form of human trafficking, where victims are enslaved and forced to commit online scams.

Valentina offered insight into the countries impacted by the scamming operations, the tactics used to force victims into scams, and the use of untraceable digital currencies by the criminals to avoid capture. Valentina also stressed the urgency of the situation to Ghosh, while also emphasising the significant potential of cross-sectoral collaborations, especially when centred on enhancing the technological literacy of those working to combat the crime.